The Designer Of Miley's Pasties Has Sequined Options For All Occasions

Even weddings, OK?

When Miley Cyrus isn't making bear masks for Fashion Week or trying her hardest to bring the scrunchie back, she's following in the infamous nip-steps of musicians like Lil' Kim and Janet Jackson before her by attending a party during New York Fashion Week in nothing but a pair of itty-bitty ice-cream cone pasties. You've gotta strike while the weather is still hot, amirite?!

Whether this particular aspect of Cyrus' style has really tickled your fancy or if you've just been in the market for a pair of tiny, sequined nip stickers in the shape of a frozen dessert (um, who isn't?), the woman who created them, Jennifer Jacobs, has a whole treasure trove of truly glorious nipple fashions on Etsy just waiting for you. Even still, when Jacobs saw Miley boppin' around NYFW in her pasties, she was totally shocked.

"A close friend had posted an article to my Facebook wall and I just stared at it in disbelief!" Jacobs told us. "It took a while to sink in and for me to be sure they were legit, Bad Bunny pasties. When I looked up more pictures, I was sure. I made those with my own little hands."

In her Etsy shop, Bad Bunny, you can find the now-iconic ice-cream cone pasties, as well as a few other winners. Which should Miley wear next? Will she ever get a chance to rock these babies again?! Calm down, pasty-enthusiasts, Bad Bunny thankfully has options for every aspect of Miley's wild life.


Nautical Pasties

When she decides she wants to escape the mysterious arts and craft den she's been Instagramming from for the past few weeks to clear her mind on a yacht somewhere, she can wear what every seasoned sailor wouldn't leave home without: anchor pasties.


Pokemon Pasties

When she wants to finally admit to the world her love of Ash Ketchum? There's a pair of Pokéball-shaped pasties for that, too.


Wedding Pasties

And for that special day, Bad Bunny has her wedding attire 100% covered. OK, maybe not actually covered, but still.

While they haven't made it onto the Bad Bunny site just yet, Jacobs knows exactly what pasties she's making for the Queen of Twerk next: "I think Miley might appreciate some pot-leaf pasties, [so I'm] rather certain I'll be making those down the road." Pasties for all occasions! It's time to embrace ’em, Miley.

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