The 'Paranormal Activity 6' Trailer Is Here To Make You Scream Your Face Off

The final film in the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise ups the ante with some new 'tech.'

"Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension" is the sixth and reportedly final film in the found-footage, haunted-house horror series, and it looks like they saved the best for last.

A new trailer for the movie makes it clear that not only will "Ghost Dimension" act as a logical conclusion to the "Paranormal Activity" franchise and answer some lingering questions from as far back as the first film, but also that the producers plan to do more than rehash the same, spooky, shaky-cam scenarios we've been seeing since 2009, thanks to the introduction of a special camera that can not just film the effects of ghosts on real-world objects, but actually capture the ghosts themselves.

The camera is discovered along with a massive collection of VHS tapes by the new owners of a house that used to be home to Katie and Kristi (who have appeared as both children and adults in previous "Paranormal Activity" films), and it appears to come in useful when the slow-burn, spooky demon drama starts.

It'll be interesting to find out whether "Ghost Dimension" can keep up the atmospheric suspense of its predecessors now that we'll actually see what's haunting our protagonists. But based solely on this trailer, it definitely looks mega-creepy.