Demi Lovato's New Book Will Be 'A Little Morning Meditation For Everybody'

'Staying Strong' will be filled with 365 inspirational quotes and personal insights, the singer announces.

The "big news" that Demi Lovato has been promising fans is here, and it turns out she's writing a brand-new book.

The "X Factor" judge revealed on Monday (September 9) that she will be releasing a collection of 365 quotes and her own personal insights in a book, due out November 19 and appropriately titled, "Staying Strong."

Sep 9, 2013 | Here's the big news!!!! #StayingStrong by ddlovato on

"One of the things that's helped me in my recovery is taking every day one day at a time," Lovato said in a Keek video about the book. "And I'm a firm believer of starting the day right with an inspirational quote and sort of a morning mediation. So I've put together 365 of my favorite quotes and a little morning meditation for everybody."

Two excerpts from the book, which is available for pre-order, have been released. In them, Lovato expresses her own feelings about the quotes she has selected, along with a goal that readers should accomplish for that particular day.

"I've encountered so many people in my life who tell me I can't do something," Lovato writes in the January 5 entry of "Staying Strong," before adding that the goal for the day is to be "fearless." "Those people are just testing you and you can't let them bring you down. True friends will lift you up and believe in you. Don't let anyone else tell you you can't live your dream because if you don't believe in yourself no one else will."

The words "Stay Strong" have a close meaning for Lovato. She has the words inked on her wrists and opened up in a candid MTV documentary, also titled "Stay Strong," about her rehab recovery. Lovato said she hopes that this book will help others in a time of need.

"It's just something I'm excited about," Lovato said in the video message. "I hope you all like it and I hope that it inspires you to be staying strong."