'Green Lantern' Script A Fanboy Dream Come True?

For starters, the cast of characters reads like a veritable who's who of Green Lantern lore. Everyone from Carol Ferris to Kilowog to Sinestro -- heck, even Guy Gardner makes a cameo, apparently -- shows up in the script, which might be overkill for a first film, but we doubt anyone will complain about that. The film looks to set up Hector Hammond as Hal Jordan's (sorry, Kyle Rayner fans) first major nemesis, while setting up Sinestro as the sequels evil counterpart.

According to IESB, the film sets up the origin of Green Lantern faithfully, yet leaves room for tons of action, including epic battles in space. They have also heard rumors that if the script is greetlit as is, it could end up costing a lot of money to film. However, it seems that studio execs have taken to the script wholeheartedly, and with the recent successes of "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight" (whic IESB also claims that "Green Lantern" could be as big -- if not bigger -- than those two films), are fully prepared to throw as much "green" as necessary to make the film work.

Read the full script review here.

Excited to hear that "Green Lantern" could become a fanboy classic, or do you wish the Robert Smigel/Jack Black version would've gotten off the ground? We wanna know in the comments!

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