'Jackass 3D' Cast Says Injuries 'Just Part Of It'

Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera 'all got hospitalized at least a couple times.'

As much fun as it is to watch the "Jackass" guys perform their seemingly never-ending multitude of crazy, unbelievably dangerous stunts, there have been serious repercussions. Namely: injuries.

" ['Jackass 3D'] was pretty competitive," Steve-O said, referring to the number of injuries sustained by castmembers. "I feel like we all got hospitalized at least a couple times. You, probably more than anybody," he said, speaking to Johnny Knoxville.

"Injuries just come along with it," Knoxville replied, not revealing any specifics. "It's just part of it."

Bam Margera, on the other hand, had no problem sharing his battle wounds.

"I got a broken clavicle, three broken ribs, a busted knee and then a [broken] foot," he said. "Honestly, half of the stunts that I got major hurt on will be in ['Jackass] 3.5.' "

Director Jeff Tremaine revealed the film's most-serious injury: "For this movie, Loomis [Fall] probably got it the worst. He jumped behind the fighter jet [engine], and just got put out like a cigarette.

"He was holding an umbrella, and that guy weighs probably 68 pounds soaking wet. It crushed him. He broke his collar bone and his hand real bad.

"I think the worst injuries are gonna turn up on a microbiological level with these guys," he joked.

Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña said Knoxville has suffered the most for his art.

"He got hit by a car," Acuña recalled. "He got knocked out by [former professional boxer and mixed martial arts specialist] Butterbean."

"What about way a long time ago when he just took a gun and shot himself with a bulletproof vest on?" Dave England offered.

"I don't think they're going to show that!" Acuña replied.

It's true: That stunt allegedly occurred before MTV's "Jackass" show was born.

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