Super Bowl Showdown: Asher Roth Is Riding With The 49ers

San Francisco 49ers 'diehard' Asher Roth is picking his team to win Super Bowl XLVII.

Asher Roth may have grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but don't think for a second that had any effect on his choice of NFL team: He's been a San Francisco 49ers fan since the glory days of the franchise in the 1980s.

"I'm a diehard Niners fan. I got it from my pops," Roth told MTV News. "He was raised out west, went to Stanford, and then when [former 49ers coach] Bill Walsh brought the West Coast offense from Stanford to the Niners, it was pretty much all over from there ... I caught Joe Montana when I was young, but I'm more of a Steve Young guy."

And Roth isn't kidding about the "diehard" bit, either: When we called him to get his take on this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII -- which pits his 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens -- he spoke at length about his love for the team, even during the lean years (he also rattled off an impressive list of failed 49ers quarterbacks, including Cody Pickett, Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey and J.T. O'Sullivan), expertly broke down this year's schemes on both sides of the ball, and spoke at length about the transition from QB Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick. Simply put, the dude knows his football.

"I've earned my stripes as a fan; when I was young, we were winning, we were dominant. But then after Jeff Garcia, it was just nine years of obscurity," he laughed. "I've probably missed one 49ers game in the past 20 years ... When the Niners went to the Super Bowl this year, I got more texts from people I haven't talked to in years, it was really funny. I guess throughout the years, people I've met in Atlanta, New York, the one thing I'm synonymous with is the 49ers."

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So, of course, given all that, he's amped for Sunday's big game ... and he's picking the Niners to win.

"My first inclination is 27-24, Niners. I really want [kicker] David Akers to hit the game-winning field goal, because it's been such a crazy season for him. And he's a great guy," Roth said. "Also, man, I'm excited for guys like Michael Crabtree to have a big game. I have a Crabtree jersey and an Alex Smith jersey, so for a while there, people were giving me a lot of s--- about my jersey selection."

Roth said he plans on watching the Super Bowl with his dad in Philadelphia, since he wants to avoid "the danger zone" of New Orleans -- "Lots of violent Baltimore fans, violent 49ers fans, it's going to be crazy," he laughed -- and he already knows how he'll celebrate the team's sixth Super Bowl championship.

"Man, maybe I'll record a song, a tribute to the team," he said. "It wouldn't just be about one player, it's a team game. So the song would probably have to be like an hour long."

What's your prediction for Super Bowl XLVII? Let us know in the comments below!

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