Is Austin Mahone Spoofing 'The Office' For His 'Dirty Work' Video?

These photos prove that he'll be dancing in a cubicle.

Austin Mahone will do your dirty work -- as long as it's in a sterile office situation. The singer released a few snaps from the set of "Dirty Work" in Miami and it looks like he's taking the "work" part quite seriously, heading to the office to film the video.

The visual for the infectious, funky jam takes place in a cubicle with a group of his new coworkers.

Here, Austin munches on Sour Patch Kids with dancer Joshua Smith:

Mahone and Smith wore formal business attire -- white shirts, black tie -- while others wore various blazers and ugly sweaters.

And there were many shenanigans.

Naturally, there were Slurpees for sustenance.

Fans say he's playing the part of his alter ego "Dustin," Austin's nerdy twin brother.

So, I'm hoping for two things: 1) that the video is actually a parody of "The Office" and Austin is Jim Halpert, or 2) Austin wreaks havoc on the office with his pranks (judging by the motor scooter, that's a pretty good bet).

Here's "Dirty Work," to listen to while we wait for the video to come out:

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