Wiz Khalifa Wants 'Black And Yellow' To Be Steelers' Anthem

Pittsburgh MC waves his team's Terrible Towel in track's new video.

Way back in July -- right around the same time NFL teams were just starting training camp -- [article id="1644845"]Wiz Khalifa dropped by MTV News' RapFix Live[/article] to announce that he was signing to Atlantic Records, and tease some of the songs he'd be releasing over the next several months ... one of which was particularly close to his heart.

Wiz hails from Pittsburgh, and as such, he grew up a die-hard Steelers fan. And even though the NFL season was still some two months away, he had already prepped a song called "Black and Yellow" -- after the team's menacing color scheme -- which he hoped would become the de facto anthem for his hometown squad.

"We got two or three records that we're tossing around; it's just the order of which ones we're gonna put out," Wiz explained. "Right now, there's one that's gonna be real big for Pittsburgh. It's gonna be the Steelers' anthem: It's called 'Black and Yellow.' "

The song leaked at the beginning of September -- just in time for kickoff -- and finally, on Sunday, a date that just so happened to coincide with the Steelers' bye week, Wiz released the video for "Black and Yellow." The clip shows him performing on the streets of Pittsburgh, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the Steelers' Super Bowl championship ring and -- of course -- waiving the team's ubiquitous Terrible Towel.

It's definitely an anthem for both the Steelers and the Steel City, and with star Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger set to rejoin the team this weekend (after a four-game suspension following an allegation of sexual assault), Wiz's timing couldn't have been better. We bet you'll be hearing "Black and Yellow" for the remainder of the 2010 season ... and possibly beyond.

Does Wiz Khalifa's new song have appeal for non-Steelers fans? Sound off in the comments.

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