50 Cent Inks Deal With Eminem, Dr. Dre

Get Rich or Die Trying hitting stores with Shady/Aftermath label.

50 Cent no longer has to rely on the mixtape circuit to get his stories of street entrenchment out to the public. He has a new recording home and two of music's biggest names backing him.

Earlier this week, Eminem and Dr. Dre signed 50 Cent to a deal that will see the Queens rapper put out records through Shady/Aftermath Records, according to an Interscope spokesperson. Both Em and Dre are in the studio producing tracks for the album, and their rep promised the LP will feature all new recordings.

The MC's main producer, Sha Money XL (formerly known as Shy Self), has laid tracks for most of 50's mixtape offerings and has already produced five songs for the LP.

Money XL said that 50 still plans to title his album Get Rich or Die Trying (see [article id="1452731"]"On Verge Of Blowing Up, 50 Cent Finds Value In His Street Cred"[/article]) and that the project should be ready to come out this fall. "We're going to spread it out and bring more flavors," Money XL said.

"Anyone who's been following 50 Cent knows how it's going to go down," 50 said in a statement.

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