Rick Ross Has No Hard Feelings About His Omission From T.I.'s 'Swagger Like Us'

'I'm hater-free,' rapper says, also addressing rumors that he'll be on a 'part two' version of the track.

Sure, Rick Ross yells, "How could you forget about me?" on his freestyle over the [article id="1593422"]"Swagger Like Us"[/article] beat, but in all reality, he said there's no way he can be upset with T.I. for going with the lineup he did on the official song.

"I feel like everything happens in time," Ross told MTV News. "What T.I. had on his plate and what he had going on, I think that was the roster [

Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne] for him to put together. He had to make it as big as he could. It's [article id="1595195"]Paper Trail,[/article] he had to make it explosive. ... The way I make music, I'm hater-free. So I don't have egos. I'm a fan."

The Boss may have his chance to make "S.L.U." just yet. There's a rumor going around the Internet that Jay-Z is putting together a "part two" with Young Jeezy, Andre 3000, Ross and Nas for [article id="1592311"]Blueprint 3.[/article]

"I'mma be honest -- no comment," he laughed when asked if it was true. "No comment. It's all good, though. It's all good.

"I ain't gonna lie, it makes sense," he continued, still not confirming or denying. "That's a statement record, 'Swagger Like Us.' I applaud Tip for making those moves [on the original]. That's a boss move. A lot of dudes wouldn't pull that together. It just don't happen that way. When you do see it pulled together and unfold the way it did, it's great for the game. It's great for the kids. It's great for the newer generation to see all the top dogs. Like when I was young, when I would come home and put the TV on. Before I watched cartoons, I put the TV on to see Fab Five Freddy [on 'Yo! MTV Raps'. You might see 'Self Destruction.' That made you love hip-hop."

Ross' Trilla had its own classic symphony of MCs with the song "Luxury Tax." That track features Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Trick Daddy.

"I ain't gonna lie," Ross said. "We was actually debating on if we was gonna shoot a video for 'Luxury Tax.' That's a classic 'hood record. I know it would have been fun."

Instead, he chose to go with a video for "Here I Am," and that didn't turn out too badly for him.

Rick Ross' Still the Trillest is the main pick for next week's Mixtape Monday. You can check it out right here on starting Monday. Also on Monday, the Rick Ross mixtape segment will run on "MTV Jams" every hour starting at 8 a.m. We have more than enough exclusive news to go along with it, including Plies' rebelling in song against a law that prohibits men from wearing low-slung jeans and Lil Wayne anticipating Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak.

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