Father John Misty Feels Like Pablo With His Own Kanye West–Inspired Merch

FJM has launched clothing line that channels Kanye's 'Life Of Pablo' merch

Kanye West may have just opened and closed a bunch of pop-up shops hawking The Life of Pablo gear, but Father John Misty is here if you're in the market for the best The Life of Padre Juan Misty T-shirts money can buy.

The rocker is putting out a few merch items biting the look of Kanye's Pablo gear, all printed with that gothic font and the rapper's penchant for primary colors.

The shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps put a Misty-fied spin on Kanye's ever-changing line, with the chest of the tees and sweats emblazoned with "The Life of Padre" and each sleeve sporting "Juan" and "Misty," respectively.

No word yet as to whether or not he'll be putting out a line of fancy pins, as apparently he lost his YSL parakeet brooch and is very, very upset about it. Hopefully these new shirts will deaden the blow of his loss.