IMAX CEO Defends Screen Size Difference As 'Star Trek' Returns To Bigger Screens

Of course, your desire to see “Star Trek” in IMAX may bring back memories of this summer’s controversy surrounding IMAX screen size. Thanks to comedian Aziz Ansari, we’ll always be dubious of IMAX theaters and whether or not they feature “real” IMAX or just screens that are only slightly bigger than normal movie screens.

Well, just in time for you to consider revisiting Captain Kirk and the rest, Popular Mechanics' Erin McCarthy has an interview with Brian Bonnick, IMAX’s senior executive vice president of technology, and he has a new defense for his company’s inconsistency.

Bonnick flat out says that size doesn’t matter. It’s the seating arrangement that’s important. “It turns out that in our large theaters, the field of view in the front row seat happens to be the same as in our [smaller] digital theaters, more or less,” he told the magazine.

He claims all IMAX screens still provide us with an immerse experience and fill us with that peripheral vision. He goes on to also defend the economic benefits of these newer, smaller screens and proceeds to discuss more of the tech stuff involved with digital IMAX, but his analogy for why the new screens are just as good as the old is all you need to calm your frustration over the controversy.

It may not be the most perfect defense, but Bonnick’s claim is a much better response to Ansari’s criticism than that of IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, whose immediate contribution to the debate was to point out how successful IMAX is lately.

Personally, I’ll still be seeking out the bigger IMAX screens, even if it’s out of principal and a belief that there remains some greater experience to be had with them.

Is this defense good enough to smooth over your distrust or dissatisfaction with IMAX? Will you be going to see “Star Trek” on the bigger screens this weekend?

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