'Heroes' Reboot: Superhero Series Will Be 'Reborn' Online

A 'Heroes' prequel series will debut online before the show returns on NBC next year.

Next year, the world of shape-shifting, super-strong superheroes returns to television in the form of [article id="1722801"]"Heroes Reborn,"[/article] NBC's resurrection of the divisive superhero series.

Little is known about the project, other than the fact that it'll air in 2015, with creator Tim Kring once again at the helm. Who will star in the new "Heroes" reboot? Again, too soon to say -- none of the original players, like Masi Oka as Hiro or Zachary Quinto as Sylar, have been confirmed to reprise their roles.

But there is some new information today (April 16), and it's sure to please die-hard "Heroes" fans. Before "Reborn" even hits the small screen, NBC will launch what they're currently calling "Heroes Reborn: Digital Series" -- a name that will surely (hopefully?) change before its release. Entertainment Weekly reports that the new series will air online on, and is angled as a prequel to the "Heroes Reborn" miniseries.

It's not a groundbreaking tactic, the idea of pushing an online companion series in support of a flagship show. "The Walking Dead" comes equipped with these kinds of Web series before the launch of a new season. "Battlestar Galactica" used this approach as well, as did "Lost," and numerous other shows. Even "Heroes" dabbled in online and other forms of ancillary material during its heyday.

But the existence of an online "Heroes" component, coming with what's already a risky proposition in bringing "Heroes" back in the first place -- that's an interesting show of confidence on NBC's part.

Perhaps it's a place where some of the original "Heroes" characters can make quick cameos to wrap up their stories in more complete ways than the series finale allowed -- or perhaps it'll just feature all-new characters, some who will make it onto the proper show, and some who will remain on the Web only. We'll have to wait and see.

Beyond the "Heroes Reborn: Digital Series," NBC will unveil a "Saturday Night Live" online series called "Saturday Night Line," about fans who wait on the "SNL" standby line.

"Heroes Reborn" will once again attempt to save the cheerleader and the world in 2015.