Mae Whitman (Still) Has Her Sights Set On Smooching This 'Friday Night Lights' Star

Clear eyes, full hearts, must smooch.

When Mae Whitman gets thirsty for "Friday Night Lights," there's only one Panther that can quench her thirst: Tim Riggins.

The "The DUFF" star, who just finished a long run on "Parenthood," has gotten close with some of Dillon, Texas's finest young specimens -- Jason Street (Scott Porter) and Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria) -- and she's not ready to stop now.

Asked by MTV News whether she might continue the trend by cozying up to Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) or baby Buddy Garrity next, Whitman only had eyes for number 33.

"Riggins," co-star Robbie Amell said immediately, as Whitman ruminated on the creepiness of her getting together with the littlest Garrity spawn, before launching into a passionate monologue about her love for Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch).

"Riggins, guys! Riggins! It's like a joke now. Everybody's like, 'oh, you love Riggins, and you'll never meet him!'" she said.

"I really, like, can't get enough," she said, telling us that she once dressed up as the player for Halloween, in a "tiny" jersey.


"I'm sure he's terrified of me at this point, because I'm like, 'where are ya? Come on!'"

Whitman also caught up with MTV's House of Style to gush over Riggins.

You know what we always say, Mae: clear eyes, full hearts, MAKE OUT.

"The DUFF" is in theaters now.