Supercut: Boy, Leo DiCaprio Sure Does Yell a Lot

One of the most ubiquitous aspects of every 30 second trailer for "The Great Gatsby" is the brief clip of Leonardo DiCaprio (as Gatsby himself) savagely screaming in the face of Nick Carraway (fellow "Pussy Posse" member Tobey Maguire). We as viewers of the preview don't know what he's yelling about, but that's ok, because we all understand that this is what Mr. DiCaprio does in all of his movies. The words "inside voice" mean nothing to the guy.

Our Broseph Gordon-Levitts at the Huffington Post set about making a supercut to prove that very notion, embedded above for your enjoyment/horror. Boy, for an otherwise mild-mannered fellow off-camera, Leo sure does scream a lot, huh? Sometimes it's not even at people — sometimes the man just yells.

It's frequent enough that you're forced to wonder whether or not it's just negotiated into his contract at the beginning of production of every one of his movies. "$20 million up front, 5 percent of the film's profits, and he gets at least three scenes where he blows out his vocal chords in the most primal manner possible. Deal? Deal."