Would You Wear Pants With A Cape?

Would you wear Dimepiece's "Romeo Pant"?

Photo: Dimepiece LA

OK, a little clarification before we dive in. I'm not asking if you would wear an outfit comprised of a pair of pants and a cape. The question at hand here is: would you wear these pants which have a cape attached? This "Romeo Pant"—as they're called—is brought to life by MTV Style and celeb favorite Dimepiece. It's EXTREMELY rare that we come across something that L.A. designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama produce that we're not immediately head-over-heels for at first sight, but maybe we just need a little convincing.

The good news is: compared to most of the other trousers we've found questionable (*cough* PUDDLE PANTS *cough*), Dimepiece's "Romeo Pant" is considerably easier to wear. After all, at its heart, it's just a pair of skinnies that happen to have a long sheet of poly-silk cascading from the rump. The silhouette itself isn't actually that crazy-unexpected. This idea of a suspended train is a kind of second cousin to the drape of a long-sleeved shirt or flannel tied around your waist AND the floaty mullet skirts we've enjoyed for the past two summers. Putting it behind a pair of pants, though, is definitely—erm—new.

To be fair, the black-on-black version is much more palatable, blending the train and the pants into more of a cohesive unit whereas this gray number just feels really extra in kind of a weird way. Don't get us wrong, we're not appalled. We're just not 100% sold. What do you think? Would you wear pants with a cape?

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