Speidi Return To See Lou Diamond Phillips Win 'I'm A Celebrity'

Jungle reunion was surprisingly free of Spencer and Heidi drama.

Even with the [article id="1614313"]return of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt[/article], the season finale of "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" was decidedly more relaxed than previous episodes, and Lou Diamond Phillips was eventually declared the show's winner.

With the exception of comedy duo Frangela, all of the show's contestants returned to camp Wednesday night to find out who would be crowned king or queen of the jungle from the remaining three contestants: Phillips, Torrie Wilson and John Salley.

After all three finalists won the final food challenge, they met up with the ousted contestants for what hosts Damien Fahey and Myleene Klass called a "huge jungle reunion." In a montage of interviews, it seemed clear that Phillips had the support of most of his castmates. The only person who wanted people to start voting rogue was Heidi, who said, "I'm voting for Spencer to come back in and win."

Despite causing a ruckus while on the show, neither Spencer nor Heidi stirred the pot during Wednesday night's reunion, even though [article id="1614285"]Spencer had previously said he had a beef with Phillips[/article] for denying the couple a bed when Heidi was sick. When asked about his behavior during his brief yet memorable time on the show, Spencer said, "I've been calling every day trying to get back in. I never lived in the jungle before.

"[The other contestants have] increased my value of celebrity," he added, "so I owe them all greatly."

When it was pointed out that the contestants who had left the show have been living it up while the finalists struggled to get by in the jungle, Spencer said in his usual helpful fashion, "Don't worry. I've been eating enough for all of you."

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