The Black Keys Say TMZ 'Should Be F–king Ashamed Of Themselves'

They also think White 'sounds like an a--hole.'

Despite how they may feel about one another, The Black Keys and Jack White could probably agree on one thing: what's private should remain private.

In the lead-up to the Black Keys' recent release of Turn Blue, a few grudges have been brought to light -- namely, Patrick Carney's Internet tussles with Justin Bieber and the band's determination that Michael Jackson's posthumous record not beat theirs on the charts.

The duo have been very candid in the press about these things, as well as the apparent bad blood between the Keys and Jack White.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Black Keys spoke out about a leaked email between White and ex-wife Karen Elson in which the singer railed against the fact that his and Dan Auerbach's kids were in the same class. White also accused the band of biting his tunes.

Although Carney said that White "sounds like an a--hole," he was sympathetic to his plight.

"I actually feel embarassed for him," Carney said. "I don't hold grudges, man. I really don't. We've all said f--ked-up shit in private, and divorce is hard.

"I really think personal things are personal things. Like, TMZ? Honestly, they should be f--king ashamed of themselves that they make a living dragging poor souls that have nothing, that aren't famous, into this world," he added.

The fact that the emails were a private, leaked correspondence resonated particularly for Carney. "You know how horrifying it would be if all of our private sh-- was aired?" he said. "And people go sniffing around looking for this sh--. And ultimately it's no one's business."

Auerbach, for his part, decided to stay mum on the subject: "I don't know him, so it's extra-unexpected."