Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith Premiere 'Karate Kid' Video, 'Never Say Never'

Bieber and Smith recorded the track together for Smith's new movie.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] has recorded a duet with [movie id="413741"]"Karate Kid"[/movie] star [movieperson id="449016"]Jaden Smith[/movieperson] called "Never Say Never," for the movie's soundtrack. The two also star in the track's video together, with Bieber saying the clip is "Chuck Norris Approved" and referring to Smith as his "lil' bro." The video is a combination of recording-studio footage and scenes from "The Karate Kid," which hits theaters on June 11.

The video shows the teen pop star bouncing alongside the 11-year-old star of the flick as they lay down the vocals for the hip-hop-flavored track. While Bieber has made a career of singing about puppy love, on this song the teen sensation gets his inspirational message on singing lyrics like "I will never say never/ I will fight till forever/ Whenever you knock me down/ I will not stay on the ground/ Pick it up."

The boys goof around with one another in the clip, with Bieber flexing some karate moves and Smith making a bid to inherit his father Will Smith's rapping throne when he raps during the breakdown of the song. "I can handle him/ Hold up/ I can handle him/ Now he's bigger than me/ Taller than me/ And he's older and stronger than me," Smith raps. He then goes on to say that he was "raised with the power of Will (No pun intended, OK?)" so he can do just about anything, including appearing on a song with Bieber.

Bieber later tweeted a message to his fans, saying, "#NeverSayNever to believing in your dreams ... u all make mine come true everyday. thank u :)"

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