Trey Songz Praises Nicki Minaj For Giving Him Another Career Hit With 'Touchin Lovin'

'I think it'll be one of the biggest records of my career yet again,' Trigga tells MTV News.

Remember that time Trey Songz flooded Nicki Minaj's studio with roses, to say 'thank you for working on my album?' Well, it was a very sweet gesture, but Trigga is really making it difficult for other guys to impress the YMCMB rapper -- and that's exactly what he wants.

"I don't want nobody else to impress Nicki Mianj, that's why I sent her a couple thousand flowers," he told MTV News on the 2014 BET Awards red carpet on Sunday (June 29).

"Nicki's phenomenal, to see her at this point in her career... I remember when we both started and we both were trying to achieve a certain level of success, and to see her doing so well and being such a dominant woman in this game, I think it's great," he added.

"To be working with her again on my album, I think it'll be one of the biggest records of my career yet again, [that] i'll share with her. And I'm just happy we're celebrating one another."

With all of that said, we're waiting for the video now. "It might happen," he said, trying to play coy. "We might shoot a video. That's all I'm gonna say -- we might."

So basically, yes, they will shoot a video.

Stream Trey Songz's Trigga album below.

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