Jack Johnson Released An Eco-Conscious Flip-Flop Collection On Earth Day (Because Duh)

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson + flip flops + Earth Day = well, right

Photo: Getty Images/Feelgoodz

This is not a drill. Today is Earth Day, and Jack Johnson has just released a collection of eco-conscious flip-flops. I repeat, this is not a drill. If the idea of Jack Johnson putting out a line of laid-back sandals has you singing, "JJ Casuals, shoes that look like feet," to yourself, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. The moment this little announcement landed in my inbox, visions of Andy Samberg clad in a hemp necklace and oversized plastic Hobbit feet flooded my mind's eye. Immediately after that, I actually opened the press release.

The collection of flippy-floppys is designed by Jack in collaboration with environmentally conscious footwear brand Feelgoodz. I know this because I have excellent reading comprehension and because I Googled the living daylights out of this thing to verify that it was not, in fact, a continuation on a nearly 10-year-old SNL joke.

Here's a tweet that, I think, proves this is real:

It's #EarthDay & we're announcing a line of #Feelgoodz w/ musician-activist-friend @jackjohnson! Thanks @FootwearNews

— Feelgoodz (@feelgoodz) April 22, 2014

The collection features just two designs. Slimz is a rubber model with thin straps and a graphic screen print of artwork created by Jack's From Here to Now to You album artist on the footbed. According to the press release, Jack's wife wears this design. The other, is called the Kinderz. The official press documents read, "This flip-flop, or 'slipper' as they call them in Hawaii, is Jack Johnson's favorite style and the ones he personally wears." Not included in the release, however, is whether or not he prefers making banana pancakes in the Kinderz or barefoot.

Jack Johnson

No, they're not kidding.

Photo: Getty Images/Feelgoodz

Oh, right, ALSO, this is one of the product images attached. Because honestly, what else did you expect?

Unfortunately, this is just an announcement, and the sandals aren't available for purchase yet. If you happen to want a pair for yourself, you'll just have to keep sitting, waiting, wishing until they drop on the Feelgoodz website and Jack Johnson’s website in late spring, OR catch them on Jack Johnson’s North American tour.


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