Michael Fassbender Showed Us What 'Prometheus 2' Could Be Like

It's lots of eye acting.

The future of "Prometheus 2" has been uncertain in the last few months, especially after director Ridley Scott chose "The Martian" as his next project. Based on what we've previously heard about the potential sequel, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace would reprise their roles, but that's pretty much all we know.

When I sat down with Michael Fassbender to talk about his new movie "Frank," in which he wears a papier-mache head most of the time, I realized that his character in the indie film is essentially the opposite of where we last saw David in "Prometheus," only head.

Fassbender agreed and then gave me a little preview of the sequel.

Essentially, his impression what David might be up to breaks down to this:

And just to prove how flexible Fassbender's peepers are, here's this:

"Frank" opens in theaters on August 15, and it's really good.

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