New Footage Surfaces Of Fight Between DJ Mustard And Mistah F.A.B.


On Tuesday, a brief video of what appeared to be an altercation that pitted DJ Mustard against Mistah F.A.B. surfaced online, and now a longer clip that is providing a little more context.

The scuffle unfolded quickly and footage is shaky, but it appears that, after F.A.B. approached Mustard, he was hit by someone in Mustard and YG's camp. A melee ensues.

It's tough to make out much through all the shouting, but as the crew leaves the Oakland club, Mustard appears to boast to YG about having just hit F.A.B.

The bad blood can likely be traced back to comments Mistah F.A.B. made on "The Breakfast Club." “The Mustard sound that’s poppin’ right now...that was created in the Bay Area,” he said. “We not mad at it at all. I’m not mad at it because I’m still able to get in and do what I do.”

Despite that caveat, Mustard was less than pleased when asked about the statements during his own trip to the show last month. "You come up here and make it like Mustard’s stealing," he said. "How am I stealing? If it’s so easy, why don’t you make these beats?”

Mistah F.A.B. addressed the incident on Twitter shortly after the video was posted on Wednesday (June 11).

Hopefully both parties are indeed ready to move on.