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'Green Lantern' Director Discusses Intergalactic And Earthbound Shooting Locations

Campbell spoke with Empire Online (via The Geek Files) about the alleged move of "Green Lantern" to New Orleans, a city he praised for its "damn good tax rate." Ultimately, the city itself won't matter too much regarding the visuals of "Green Lantern," given the film's space-heavy presence.

"He's the only superhero to my knowledge who regularly goes to another planet," said Campbell. "Superman and Batman were essentially locked into a particular city. The Lantern isn't so Earthbound."

As the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, Hal Jordan is just one of many ring-wielding defenders throughout the universe. Campbell explained that the powers behind Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps' rings are derived from the planet Oa, which is sure to be featured in the film.

"It's [energized] by a battery on the planet of Oa, which taps into the willpower of everyone in the universe," said the director. "From that ring you can form constructs. So if you got into a fight, you could form a giant first. Or a fighter plane."

While those specific uses of the ring might not make it into the film, fans can expect plenty of other effects-heavy wonders when "Green Lantern" hits theaters in 2011.

"It's daunting," Campbell admitted of the film's epic scale. "Just the process, something like 1,300 visual effects shots, it's mind-blowing, quite honestly."

Do you think New Orleans is a good location for the film? Aside from Oa, what other intergalactic locations should "Green Lantern" visit? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!