Avril Lavigne Describes The 'Magic' Of Working With Max Martin

Singer talks about recording 'Goodbye Lullaby with Swedish pop producer.

[article id="1656250"]Avril Lavigne asked "What the Hell"[/article] on her Goodbye Lullaby lead single, and she had a little help from a pretty impressive music-industry vet. For her fourth studio album, out Tuesday (March 8), Lavigne jetted off to Sweden to work with legendary pop producer Max Martin.

"What was really great about working with Max was, I flew out to Sweden for a couple weeks, sat down, played him my record, got to know each other, wrote some songs together, and then I was out," she told MTV News. "It switched it up for me. It was a new creative space, a new relationship, and we got a lot done. He's very talented."

Martin, who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson to Katy Perry, really seemed to click with the pop/punk princess. "He said some really kind things that really meant a lot to me," she said. "He worked with so many people and he's an artist, he's very sensitive. We wrote a couple really special songs together."

In the process of writing those tracks, it seems that Martin and Lavigne forged quite a bond. "It's kind of hard to work with someone new, and when I went in and did vocals on 'Wish You Were Here,' I did my first take, and then Max stood up and was like, 'I'm so honored that you're here.'

"And it was a really special moment, where he understood me and I understood him," she continued. "We connected and had a really great time. And it was really magic my first trip there. He's sweet."

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