Taylor Swift's 'Style' Video Brings Out Sexy Taylor And We Love It

Take a step inside Taylor's gorgeous dreams.

It's Friday the 13th -- Taylor's lucky number -- and we have a new Taylor Swift video! But if you're expecting the goofy dancing from "Shake It Off" or the literal insanity of "Blank Space," you're in for a big surprise. The new "Style" video, which debuted on "Good Morning America" on Friday morning (Feb. 13), is mature, tasteful, and, dare I say... sexy?

"Style" is gorgeously shot and edited (what else would you expect from the Taylor crew?), intercutting sultry glares at the camera, foggy walks in the forest and a guy getting wet in the ocean (brr!). And while we do get that "red lip, classic thing," the rest of the color in it is subdued, making the clip look soft and hazy, almost as if we were in Taylor's memory.

Calling the video "a walk inside Swift's dreams" wouldn't be too far off, since the 1989 song is said to be about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction. Throughout the visual, we see shards of broken glass, reflecting images of Taylor and her love interest, as if her memory of him comes back in bits and pieces.

Smoke billows through stills of a bare-shouldered Swift, as scene by beautiful scene passes before us -- it's almost as if we're watching the dramatic opening credits of a soap opera. Watch the video and tell us what you think!

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