Remember Play's 'Us Against The World'? Here's What The Girl Group Is Doing Now

It's been over 15 years since the hit song came out

In the early 2000s, Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire introduced tweens to many pop songs -- Hilary Duff's "I Can't Wait," anyone? -- and the Swedish girl group Play was part of this iconic soundtrack.

In Season 2's episode "Inner Beauty," the one where Miranda struggles with an eating disorder, she and Lizzie film a music video for Play's breakout single, "Us Against the World." (Also relevant: The song was featured in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Holiday in the Sun, too.)

Play, who went on to open for a little group known as Destiny's Child (casual), started out with four members: Fanny "Faye" Hamlin, Anaïs Lameche, Anna Sundstrand, and Rosanna "Rosie" Munter. They all starred in the official "Us Against the World" music video, which is a late-‘90s dream full of superheroes and colorful crop tops.

Now that "Us Against the World" is sufficiently stuck in your head, let's revisit what the group's been up to in the over 15 years (!!) since their self-titled EP debuted in 2001. In that time, they released five more albums and added and lost a few members along the way. They first split up in 2005, then briefly reunited in 2009, and were done for real by 2011. Here's what the original squad has done since then.

Faye Hamlin (2001–2003, 2009–2010)

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Faye Hamlin / Facebook


Hamlin was only 13 years young when Play formed. (All the girls were in their early teens at the time, in fact.) When Hamlin left the group for the first time in 2003, she decided to "finish high school as a normal teenager like the rest of [her] friends."

After Play was done for good, she went solo and signed to Scandinavian indie label Hybris, where she recorded "Come to Me" in 2012. Then she switched to Best Fit Recordings and released "Water Against the Rocks" a few months later. She continued to perform, and as of March 2014, she's with Capitol Records. Her website and social media haven't been updated since then.

Anaïs Lameche (2001–2005, 2009–2011)

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Anaïs Bonnier / Facebook


Lameche -- whose last name is now Bonnier because, duh, she got married -- said "no thanks" to the entertainment industry and switched to public relations. She's currently a senior PR consultant at Modinåkerlind, a marketing agency based in Stockholm. According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended both Stockholm and Lund Universities.

Anna Sundstrand (2001–2005)

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Anna Sundstrand / Facebook

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Sundstrand took up modeling after Play ended, and New York's Model Management Group signed her circa 2005. As for her singing career, she performed alongside Chris Trousdale, a longtime friend and member of Dream Street, for several years. (Remember when him and Play covered "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" for the group's first EP?)

Right now, Sundstrand is reportedly writing a book about her life as a ~child star~ making her way through the music biz. So, uh, stay tuned for that.

Rosie Munter (2001–2005)

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K.I.D.S. / Facebook


Munter released her first solo single, "Waterfall," in 2010, which The Guardian described as "[Sylvia Plath's] The Bell Jar with a synth-pop beat." She soon teamed up with White Lies's Charles Cave to form the sonic pop group K.I.D.S, releasing their first and only single, "Ragged Old Angels" before playing five shows at 2013's South By Southwest festival.

Although the K.I.D.S. debut album was reportedly finished in January 2014, it unfortunately never hit stores or streaming services. Plus, they removed all their songs from SoundCloud, deleted their website, and went completely dark on social media.

So yeah, who knows what happened next. But wherever their careers may have taken them, we have no doubt they're still out there fighting (and winning) against the world.

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