New Video: OK Go, 'Last Leaf'

(Credit: Roger Kisby/WireImage)

We've seen OK Go make a video with dogs. ("White Knuckles"). We've seen OK Go melt our minds ("WTF"). And we've seen them perform in lockstep with a marching band ("This Too Shall Pass"). For the group's newest video, "Last Leaf," OK Go shows us a whole new way of looking at...toast. And we don't see them at all.

Made in collaboration with animator George McFetridge, OK Go's new video is a simple idea, executed brilliantly. The video is made up entirely of still shots, with 15 photographs making up one second of video. Still shots of what? Toast.

Of course, with OK Go, nothing is as simple as it seems. So these images of toast are ornately animated, by the aforementioned McFetridge, to match the lyrics to the song.

It's a lovely, subtle and inventive clip to match a lilting and hushed tune. The video was directed by OK Go, Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad. "Last Leaf" is from OK Go's fantastic Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky.

Last Leaf

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