Take A Look Inside The World's Biggest Spice Girls Merch Collection

For the average music fan, the highest honor these days is getting a selfie with your favorite artist. For a superfan like Liz West, though, it's having a warehouse full of Spice Girls memorabilia. Over the years, Liz has accumulated enough Spice Girls' merch to become the Guinness World Record holder for the biggest Spice Girls collection in the world, as she explained to i-D, while giving them a close look at her stash.

Liz has endless costumes, platforms, cardboard cut outs, lampshades, magazines, framed records, lollipops, press photos, signatures, key rings, stationary, potato chips, body spray, sweets, chocolate, magazines, clothes, boardgames, pop cans, dolls, a Spice Girls bike, umbrella, Spice Girls sneakers—the list goes on.

Liz explains why she collects in the video, saying, "To have the costumes that they wore as a fan is the ultimate. It's because they've been photographed in it and they've sung your favorite song wearing it... It's about having the very fabric that touched their bodies."

She also reveals why she's such a big fan and, TBH, the reason is pretty inspiring. She says, "They've taught me a lot about confidence and determination and to be the person who I want to be." That person is the unofficial sixth member of the Spice Girls, living her best live.