Drake's Producer 40 Responds To Drizzy Ghostwriting Allegations

Noah '40' Shebib is defending Drake.

Drake has remained relatively quiet in the midst of ghostwriting allegations that were thrust upon him by Meek Mill.

As alleged reference tracks were released and reactions flew, fans wondered what Drizzy and his OVO camp had to say about these accusations. But Champagne and crew have remained mum through it all. Until now.

On Wednesday (July 22), Drake's longtime producer and friend Noah "40" Shebib addressed the issue with a series of tweets.

He started by establishing his relationship with Drake.

40 then began addressing Quentin Miller, the alleged ghostwriter.

He continued praising Drake's artistry.

From there, 40 discussed rap's 'stigma' about songwriting.

He continued by talking about how he and Drake break rules.

He also saw irony in this situation.

40 then praised Drizzy's personal material.

And went on to say you're doing drugs if you think someone else wrote Drake's lyrics.



And left with these parting words.

Quentin Miller -- a rapper from Atlanta -- is rumored to be Drake's ghostwriter. Today, Funkmaster Flex released an alleged reference track for Drizzy's "10 Bands."

Drake has still not addressed the ghostwriting allegations publicly. He did, however, reportedly reach out to battle rapper and "Wild 'N Out" cast member Hitman Holla via Instagram's Direct Message function to say that he "signed up for greatness" and that "this comes with it."