Meet The Police Officer Killer Mike Wants Us To Follow On Instagram

Meet Officer Norman.

On or off the mic, Killer Mike is outspoken. We’ve seen the Run The Jewels MC address riots, race relations and more throughout his career. And recently, he used his voice to offer praise for Officer Tommy Norman.

"This man is out of his patrol car every single day,” Mike, whose father was a police officer, told CNN. "He is taking pictures with other people’s families that are black. With white kids in the community. He’s in the community."

Officer Norman, who wasn’t aware that Killer Mike followed him on IG, was invited to speak with CNN after Mike’s interview aired. “When I heard the news about Killer Mike I was honored,” he said on May 6. "It was a big surprise.”

"I want to inspire people,” the officer said. “Not just other police officers, but people in the community. It’s a partnership between the police and the community.

"We have to work together to make our community a safer place, a more peaceful place to live,” he added. "So, I took it to the social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to inspire other people to go out and make a difference in their corner of the world.”

This calls back to Killer Mike’s original interview where he referenced Officer Norman. "I would encourage more police and more people to look at what this officer’s doing, in particular,” Mike said. "Because he’s doing something right.”

Here's a brief look into the life of the inspiring cop that Killer Mike hopes more people follow both on Instagram, and in their actions.

He Listens To Nicki Minaj

He Lets Kids Take Over His Cop Car

He Plays Ball In The Community

He’s Trying To Learn New Tricks

And New Dances

He Visits Schools

He Lets Kids Stop Him For Speeding

He Gets His Face Painted With The Kiddos

He Lets Kids Surprise Him

He Makes Snow Angels