Teens React To Windows 95 Like They React To Older People: 'It Looks Dull And Ancient'

'What is a modem?'

I, Joseph Lamour, born in Washington D.C., USA, am only 32 years old. I tell you this because in 1995, I was 12. Forrest Gump had just won a Best Picture Oscar, the O.J. Simpson trial was in full swing, and Microsoft released Windows 95, an operating system I used with my family with pride and aplomb.

Years later, I use a Mac (sorry PCs), with all its bells and whistles and retina displays and such. But I respect Windows 95 for what it was: a bridge to the technology we have today. The following teens do not share my reverence.

Fine Brothers Entertainment, creators of the "React" video series, asked teens to try out Windows 95, the operating system that bought me and other teens at the time to the beautiful, adolescent Internet.

The teens in this particular video, responsible for that oh-so-old feeling across the Internet today, said such quotable gems on the vintage OS as these:

? "Windows 95. That's a little bit before my time."

? "Are these the ones with floppy disks inside of them?"

? "It's prehistoric! It really is. It's like an old dinosaur."

? "Everything looks so dull and ancient."

? "We can get online on this?"

? "How do you get on the Internet if there's no Wi-Fi?"

? "What is a modem?"

Understandable quotes, yes. Defendable? Perhaps. But the hurt is real, folks. The cuts are deep. I must face the fact that teens made me feel old today -- except for 18-year-old participant Ethan, who knew his computer history up and down. Much love to him.

To the rest of those teens, heed my words: You may think a computer from 1995 is old and slow, but in 2035, a teen is going to find your iPhone 6S in a drawer somewhere and ask you if you really surfed the Internet on this "dinosaur." ?

Watch the full video below.

H/T Mashable

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