Biggie Told Interviewer He Worried About Safety

March 12 [7:55 EST] -- In one of his last interviews, The Notorious B.I.G. told San Francisco's KYLD-FM that he was concerned for his safety, but not because of his rap image.

In last Wednesday's radio interview, Biggie told interviewer J.V. that he felt that his role as a high profile celebrity made him a target, as it has other entertainment and sports figures.

It's not just rappers," Biggie told KYLD. "They gonna attack anybody that's a large figure. They did it to (Michael) Jordan. They did it to (Mike) Tyson. They did it to Bill Cosby. They gonna' attack you if you on top. It's your job to bob and weave. I need the security. I can't beat everybody up, I'll go to jail. There are certain things you do when you get to a certain level...

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