'Lost' Stars: What's Next?

Evangeline Lilly has a project lined up, while Josh Holloway takes a more relaxed approach to his post-'Lost' career.

After six seasons of action-packed adventure and routinely confounding mysteries, the story of "Lost" is over -- no more Jack, no more Sawyer, no more anybody. But just because the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 are no longer gracing the television screen week in and week out doesn't mean we've seen the last of the actors who play them.

Fans are already used to seeing former "Lost" actors in other places. Elizabeth Mitchell is the star of "V," for example, while Ian Somerhalder is one of three crucial characters on "The Vampire Diaries." Soon, viewers will have all-new avenues to enjoy the work of their other favorite "Lost" actors too.

Take Evangeline Lilly, for instance. The actress, who played fugitive Kate Austen on the series, has gone on the record with her intentions to take a break from acting after "Lost." But Lilly, who previously held a small role in "The Hurt Locker" as Jeremy Renner's wife, already has her first post-"Lost" gig lined up in the form of "Real Steel," a futuristic boxing drama starring Hugh Jackman and fellow "Lost" alumnus Kevin Durand.

Daniel Dae Kim, meanwhile, is not only staying on television, he's also staying in Hawaii. The former Jin-Soo Kwon becomes Chin Ho Kelly next fall in CBS' remake of "Hawaii Five-O." Kim stars opposite Grace Park, an actress who knows a thing or two about ending a fan-favorite series in the form of "Battlestar Galactica."

Sarcastic pilot Frank Lapidus' real-life counterpart, Jeff Fahey, has plans of his own too. He's part of an all-star cast, including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro, in "Machete," based on a fictional trailer created for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse."

For some actors, the future is a bit unclear. Matthew Fox has long been attached to the comic book adaptation "Billy Smoke," though a full year has elapsed since the latest major update on that project. Likewise, actor Nestor Carbonell is often mentioned for the role of Khan in the developing "Star Trek" sequel, though the rumor remains unconfirmed.

Many "Lost" vets are taking things a bit easier. Josh Holloway and Jorge Garcia, for instance, have no immediate plans beyond returning to Los Angeles to find new work. Michael Emerson, meanwhile, is hoping to return to his roots as a stage actor.

But if Terry O'Quinn has his way, it won't be long before Ben and Locke reunite on the small screen. O'Quinn, who surprised audiences with his turn as the villainous smoke monster in the final season of "Lost," has reportedly pitched producers on a television series starring himself and Emerson as two middle-aged hit men getting by in suburbia -- a show that would certainly help struggling "Lost" fans through major bouts of withdrawal.

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