Kit Harington Suffers From Bitchy Resting Face

He's a default pouter.

Jon Snow isn't giving you the sad emo stink eye; that's just how his face looks. Or so says Kit Harington, in a new interview with British GQ. In the January issue of the magazine, the "Game of Thrones" actor opened up about his permanent sourpuss expression, the curse of playing the game of thrones, and why we should all get very nervous if he ever shows up with a haircut.

First, about that face: Harington explained that the trademark pout we're always seeing on Jon Snow isn't part of a performance meant to convey his character's inner anguish. Instead, it turns out that his resting facial expression is just really sad, all the time.

"I'd get people coming up to me in the street and asking if I was OK," he said. "But this is my default. I laugh, I make jokes, I just happen to reside in this face."

And between the pouty face and the long fantasy-hero hair -- which he isn't allowed to cut as long as he's still on the show -- Harington gets more attention in the off-season than a lot of his celebrity co-stars. He said, "I'm more recognizable in public than much better-known actors. So many people watch, and I go around looking like my character."

So basically, if Kit ever turns up with a buzz cut, we can probably expect the worst for Jon Snow. But in the meantime, he and his hair are still intact, a fact he's very happy about.

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"'Game Of Thrones' is my life, it's my day job, I love it," he said. However, he also freely admits that working on the show has one surprising downside: "But honestly, if there is a curse of 'Thrones,' it's a lifetime of having to talk about it."

Surprising, because we thought for sure that the show's curse would be random strangers coming up to Kit in the street and telling him he knows nothing. Which, let's be real, probably happens all the time.

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