A Physical Therapist Makes Casts For Kids That Look Like Yeezy Boosts

It won't break the bank to get one of these, but you do need a broken foot.

Being a kid is tough. You have all these growing limbs you don't quite know how to use properly and sometimes that leads to accidents and broken bones. If you live in the nation's capital, however, there's one cast-maker that could be your silver lining.

Amanda Hall is a physical therapist in Washington, D.C. who works on providing casts for kids with disabilities. One day, she decided to give a kid a ~little more~ than a normal, everyday cast and it's taken off from there.

"I first started when a tiny baby girl I was working with needed splints, and all I had was beige casting material small enough for her. I styled them as UGG boots to take advantage of the color," Hall told MTV News. "Her mom was so proud to put them on her! So, ever since, I've been trying to up my game. If it's cute and will excite my kids, I try and make it work."

Since then, she's been outfitting kids with faux-Louboutins, UGGs, New Balances and Yeezy Boosts. "The kids get really into it and give me design ideas to make me keep upping my game so they can show them off. But you know how kids are -- they often ask for more," Hall said.

"Recently, I was really proud of a Spider-Man design I made on the cast of a 4-year-old boy. When I thought I was done, he looked at the cast, looked at me and said, 'It needs eyes.' He was right, though -- when I figured out a way to add eyes, the cast was way more dope."

Check out a few of her best designs below.

To follow Hall's adventures in casting, check out her Instagram.

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