‘Batman V Superman’ Is Doing Everything Right With This New Viral Marketing Campaign

LexCorp isn't real, but it sure is fascinating to read about.

Deep down, we all know that "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a fictional story and there are no superheroes duking it out in our skies. But Warner Brothers' new Lex Luthor-starring (well, technically Lex Luthor Jr.) marketing campaign is seriously messing with our sense of reality, and in the best way possible.

First, Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg, although we're assuming he's not the one behind all this) created his own Twitter account. Then Twitter account also linked to a interview between Luthor and Fortune Magazine which treated the totally made-up character like a real, living entrepreneur.

Now it's been revealed that LexCorp will also be providing free Wi-Fi to all of New York Comic Con this upcoming weekend, as the bottom of the convention's recent FAQ page subtly notes. "LexCorp unites humanity through technology," it says. "We believe in technology as a means of communication, unification and a source of inspiration." There's a catch, of course -- you have to enter your email address, which will probably lead to even more reality-blurring emails from Lex Luthor's tech company in the future.

It's clear that Warner Brothers is going all in on trying to bring LexCorp to life -- and it's a brilliant move, especially when you consider all the little things this campaign is doing to get us pumped for the movie:

It's a great way to introduce the most mysterious character of the film.

Warner Bros.

luthor 1

Sure, fans are worried about how Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot will do as Batman and Wonder Woman, but at the end of the day they're still going to look and fight like the superheroes we love. But Lex Luthor as we generally know him is usually just a mean bald guy in a nice suit, and although Eisenberg will eventually show up with a shaved head, so far he looks nothing like what we'd expect from somebody in charge of LexCorp. Introducing him to us early

It's a great way to set up the movie.

Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. has confirmed that Batman and Superman will be facing a different threat than Lex Luthor by the end of the movie, and many theories point suggest that Luthor might create some kind of technology he can't control, a la Tony Stark in "Avengers: Age Of Ultron." Rather than flat-out comment or even deny this, these little pieces of viral marketing are teasing that something world-changing is on the way from LexCorp -- and we might get

But on top of that, allowing us to learn more about Luthor sets up not just the plot but its themes. This character didn't have to be "Lex Luthor Jr.," but the fact that he is suggests, along with Clark Kent's relationship with both his dads in "Man Of Steel," that this is going to be a movie about how a father might influence his son for better or worse. That's way, way more interesting than Luthor having a grudge on Supes because he blew all his hair off with his super-breath.

It gives us all kinds of juicy secrets about the DC Cinematic Universe.

Warner Bros.


"Dawn Of Justice" is going to be packed with heroes and villains all fighting against or alongside one another, and odds are the movie would never have time to go deep into the family history of a character like Lex Luthor Sr. But setting up an intricate backstory and a business model for LexCorp gets to the heart of the little detail-oriented worldbuilding that makes us love to escape into these kinds of movie universes in the first place. Case in point: that awesome reference in the Fortune piece to Kord Industries, the company run by the hero called "Blue Beetle" in the comic, had fans of the series reeling