Nina Dobrev Has One Birthday Wish: 'Please Help' Australia

'We need to rally and help in any way we can'

Forget cake and ice cream for Nina Dobrev's birthday. All she wants for her special day is for you to donate to Australian wildlife relief funds.

The Vampire Diaries star took to Instagram with a heartfelt plea for fans to contribute to the cause in a bid to save the animals and massive stretches of land in Australia that have been affected by the deadly wildfires as of late.

"It’s my birthday in Australia right now," Dobrev wrote on Wednesday (January 8). "My wish is that you donate 1 dollar for every year I’ve lived. $31 to help with the bush fires. It’s the greatest gift I could ask for. For some of you that’s a lot. So donate 13 dollars (my age in reverse). Donate 1 dollar if that’s all you can spare. Anything and everything will make a huge difference."

Dobrev wrote her emotional plea alongside a series of snapshots from her trips to Australia as she's seen snuggling up with koalas and visiting kangaroos. The final addition to her post is footage of some of the fires taking place.

"I’ve visited Australia many times, it’s one of my favorite places on the earth and seeing it flames makes me indescribably sad," she continued. "Watching the videos and photos of the devastation in Australia has shattered my heart into a million pieces and brought me to tears multiple times daily. Seeing them suffering hurts my heart to it’s deepest core. They’re innocent, all they know to do is love and they’re fighting desperately to survive. They’re helpless and they are hurting." She also spoke briefly on how much she loves animals, "more than humans sometimes" before asking viewers to participate in any way they can.

"We need to rally and help in any way we can. Please help me, from the bottom of my heart I’m asking you to do and donate whatever you can. It’s life or death. Our furry friends need us. Please help make my birthday wish come true 💔 Donation information is in the bio of my main page. Thank you kindly," she finished