Seth Rogen And James Franco's 'The Interview' Pushed Til Christmas

What better gift for the dictator in your life that has everything?

Seth Rogen and James Franco are about to give North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un the BEST Christmas present, ever: their fantastical murder-for-hire flick, "The Interview" has bumped its release date.

Originally slated for a fall release (October 10th), Sony has decided that it's much more appropriate to put out the "let's kill the dictator!" flick during the height of the holiday season. Surely that won't further upset Un, who has already previously called "The Interview" and its mere existence "an act of war" worth "merciless" retaliation against these here United States.

Sony swears, however, that the move wasn't to further inflame the world leader but rather nab up all those collegiate kids' money while they're home from break. "The combination of [everyone involved] is pure comedic magic," explained Sony Worldwide Distribution president Rory Bruer. "In our early screenings of 'The Interview,' we've seen that they've delivered yet again, and we're thrilled to be making the move to Christmas – one of the most important moviegoing days of the year and the perfect date to show off their brand of comedy."

Because nothing says 'spread that holiday cheer and goodwill towards all!' like a silly little movie about assassination!

Grab your popcorn, kids: this is about to get real political, internationally speaking.

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