Jack Black Working To Make Dog Turds And Drug Laws Disappear

And then he'll tell the story of Tenacious D on film.

HOLLYWOOD -- Jack Black is so stoked about the Tenacious D movie that he can't talk about it without sounding like he's narrating the trailer.

"It starts off before there was a D," the comedian said at last week's "School of Rock" premiere (see [article id="1479319"]"Osbournes, Dashboard Turn Out For Jack Black's 'School Of Rock' "[/article]), lowering his voice and raising his eyebrows. "I'm a child, a 10-year-old child. Hopefully we can get Meat Loaf to play my father. I run away from home. I find Kyle [Gass] in Los Angeles. We become friends. We form Tenacious D. You find out the secret meaning behind the word Tenacious D that you don't know. And then we go on our first quest. And that's all I can tell you."

Black and Gass are producing the movie, recently titled "Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny,' " and co-wrote the screenplay with "Sifl & Olly" co-creator and "United States of Whatever" rocker Liam Lynch, who will direct the project (see [article id="1470057"]"Coming Soon: Tenacious D's Big Fat Movie"[/article]). The still-untitled film begins shooting next year.

In the meantime, Black is producing a documentary called "60 Spins Around the Sun," which is being directed by his girlfriend, former "Saturday Night Live" comedienne Laura Kightlinger.

"It's all about how awful the Rockefeller Drug Laws are, how they need to be stopped," Black said, referring to New York laws passed during Nelson Rockefeller's tenure as governor in the early '70s. The harsh laws mandate long prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs.

"I've got my fingers in a few pies," he said, including a comedy with Ben Stiller called "Envy," due in theaters early next year (see [article id="1456983"]"Jack Black, Ben Stiller Fall Deep In 'Envy' "[/article]).

"It's about me and him, we're neighbors," Black explained. "And then I come up with this invention that's gonna make dog turds disappear. If you spray this spray on it, they dissolve. It's called Va-Pooh-Rize. I say, 'You wanna go halfsies with me on the investment? Two grand and we're 50/50.' He says, 'That's stupid, and you're lame if you waste your money on it.' I become a multibillionaire and I stay neighbors with him. I don't move away, I just make a huge mansion. And he's super jealous. Chris Walken is in there kicking butt as well."

Black is also voicing a character in the animated "Sharkslayer" with Will Smith and Robert De Niro, has a cameo in Will Ferrell's upcoming "Anchorman," and is set to star in a buddy movie with the "Saturday Night Live" veteran (see [article id="1470293"]"Jack Black, Will Ferrell Teaming Up To Play Biker Cops"[/article]).

Fans of the funnyman can also get a Black fix of another kind on November 11, when "Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks" is released on DVD. The two-disc set will feature the duo's November 2002 set at England's Brixton Academy, episodes of the D's short-lived HBO series and "an intimate portrait of Jack and Kyle and their life of carnal debauchery on the road," according to a press release.