'X-Men Origins: Wolverine': A Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of Exclusive New Trailer

We get a good look at Sabretooth, Deadpool, Cyclops, Gambit and more.

Lean in on your computer chair, blink your peepers a few times, and freshen them up with some eye drops if necessary. Because MTV News has the new trailer for [movie id="345540"]"X-Men Origins: Wolverine,"[/movie] and you're gonna want to watch this at least three or four dozen times.

From classic Logan moves to beloved X-Men making their film debuts to a mysterious new badass who doesn't seem likely to deliver many lines, there's a lot of awesomeness to digest. But don't go berserker just yet -- we're here to help with another of our patented shot-by-shot trailer breakdowns. (Our gallery of images from the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailer should provide a good study aid too.)

0:07: "Whatever the reason is you're doing this is, focus on that," a lab technician says to Logan as he embarks on the transformation that will make him Wolverine. "Maybe it will help."

0:16: "Trust me," the shirtless, soon-to-be-superhero replies, as the process begins. "I've been through worse."

0:18: A flashback to young Logan, horrified by the "claws" emerging from his hand.

0:20: Logan on various battlefields, showing us his living hell.

0:24: We see the death of his wife, and his reaction.

0:29: "No you haven't," the technician replies, walking away as Stryker (Danny Huston) looks on.

0:31: A machine presses his new dog tag: Wolverine.

0:36: "All the things in your life," Stryker promises Logan, as we see footage of key moments, "knowing that the woman you loved was hunted down -- I can make all this go away. I'm putting together a special team, with special powers. Join me, and you will have your revenge."

0:46: Quick shots of the film's supporting superheroes, in succession: Will.I.Am as Kestrel, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth, Daniel Henney as Agent Zero, Tim Pocock as young Cyclops and Lynn Collins as Silver Fox.

1:00: This is when we start seeing all of the cool new footage. "Mutants, I don't like them," Stryker says. "They must be controlled."

1:04: The action comes hot and heavy as we see Wolverine get shot, come at his attackers, and make Stryker scream for "Lockdown!"

1:06: Logan escapes an explosion on his motorcycle.

1:09: Title card: "On May 1st"

1:10: Wolverine squares off against Sabretooth. "Well, well," Schreiber mocks. "Look what the cat dragged in."

1:14: Steve McQueen has a cameo in this? Nope, it's just Hugh Jackman doing his best "Great Escape" impression on a motorcycle.

1:15: Hummers and helicopters try to chase him down. But there's no stopping this X-Man!

1:24: A new shot of young Scott Summers (Cyclops).

1:25: The chase is on! Very cool footage of Sabretooth chasing Cyclops, and yet another example of why Cyclops really needs a strap for those sunglasses.

1:29: "Logan isn't the only piece of this puzzle," Stryker says. Recognize the kid with one blue eye and one green? That's his son, Jason Stryker, the telepath we last saw in "X-Men 2" when his father was using him to try to kill all the other mutants. Ah, good times.

1:32: Taylor Kitsch's Gambit joins the party, and shows that he can deal a mean deck of cards.

1:39: Obligatory shirtless Hugh Jackman shot.

1:40: An old dude tells Wolverine, "We've all got a choice, son," and throws him some clothes.

1:42: Thus far, this is the best look we've had of the effects of Gambit's staff-to-ground concussive blast. The purple color of the kinetic energy blasts is yet another nod to the comics. Very cool.

1:46: Sabretooth vs. Will.I.Am's John Wraith. This is our first peek at Wraith's lightning-fast teleport power.

1:52: Wolverine and new love interest Silver Fox free a bunch of mutants from their cells.

1:53: A definite pause-worthy shot, as we see a bunch of escaping mutants here. Is that Emma Frost in the crowd?

1:54: Wolverine is attacked by a mysterious, shirtless character with blades on each hand that seem to extend from beneath his skin (much like Wolverine's claws) -- and no visible mouth?!? It looks like this is the same character used for this [url id=""]"Deadpool" toy[/url], but now the clues seem to point to this character being "Weapon XI" -- the next evolution of the government's mutants-as-weapons research. (Confused? Read our breakdown of the "Wolverine" movie's new mutant and the Deadpool/Weapon XI controversy.)

1:56: It's Gambit vs. Wolverine!

1:57: Here we have another look at what can only be Emma Frost, the mutant telepath (though we're not sure her telepathic powers will be featured in the film) who can change her skin into a diamond-hard substance.

1:59: Now this is the weapon-wielding Deadpool we're more familiar with -- at least, as far as the movie is concerned. The question remains, however: Will Deadpool follow the same history of his comics counterpart and end up horribly scarred? How could they do that to Ryan Reynolds?

2:02: Here we get a new action shot of Agent Zero in action, going all John Woo with the "dual wield" technique.

2:04: More Cyclops = more destruction?

2:05: Much more destruction?

2:08: OK, here's a talent Gambit never showed off much in the comics: wall-climbing. Hey, isn't that Spider-Man's gig?

2:09: The Blob (Kevin Durand) takes out a tank using the ol' Looney Tunes "stick my finger in the gun barrel" trick.

2:10: That crazy mutant with the blades and no mouth (until Marvel tells us otherwise, we're gonna call him Eugene) now appears to have Cyclops' powers too. Awesome.

2:13: While Wolverine is squaring off against the Hummer and the helicopter, a missile sends him flying through the air and landing on the back of the chopper, Tom Cruise-in-"Mission Impossible"-style.

2:22: Title Card: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

2:24: Wolverine flings open his blades one last time. "Ooh," Sabretooth mocks. "Shiny!"

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