Taylor Swift Meets Ron Burgundy

It was the meme heard round the world: Taylor Swift and the yelling goat. The unexpected mashup of the pop princess and a petting zoo staple went viral immediately, inspiring an endless supply of similar endeavors. The yelling goat got down with Usher, Jay-Z, and Bon Jovi, but now movie buffs can celebrate the meme with a new twist: "Anchorman"!

In the video you never knew you wanted (but thank goodness it happened), Taylor knew Ron Burgundy was trouble when he walked in. Will Ferrell's pouty, pompous evening news anchor gets thrown into the mix when "Trouble" is intercut with a scene where, instead of yelling like a goat, he's crying like a baby. But you would, too, if Jack Black drop-kicked your dog (best scene ever).

Now let's hear him do "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."