Burger King And Wendy's Got Into A Juicy Twitter Beef

Get it? Beef? Cause they sell burgers? Never mind.

Drake and Meek Mill. Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham. Iggy Azalea and... like... everyone. Twitter feuds are a natural progression of the rise of social media, and as two fast food chains are learning, that anyone can get caught up in a figurative beef.

A few days ago (Jan. 20 to be exact), Wendy's, purveyor of fine Frosty shakes, was minding their own business on Twitter, sharing with their 847,000 followers the following delicious deal:

Beautiful. Four simoleons for a full meal is nothing to sneeze at. But the monarch of beef patties himself, Burger King, decided to up the ante with his ~own~ deal and also added a bit of a burn to it:



I know Oprah, low blow from the home of the Whopper. But Wendy wasn't about to take that slight sitting down, ohhh no. That pigtailed princess, when asked "what she was firing back," responded with this mic drop:

Nothing further from the King at the time of writing, so the winner of this freshly grilled beef is Wendy, for now. You go, Wendy. ??

Giphy / MTV


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