Busta Rhymes And Eminem's 'Calm Down' Will Make Your Head Explode: Listen Now

Jump around.

Busta Rhymes promised that when he and Eminem finally released "Calm Down," that there would be a whole lot of rapping and the Dungeon Dragon did not disappoint.

The track won't be on iTunes until July 1, but on Monday (June 30), the audio was posted to Busta's Vevo page. The Scoop DeVille-produced track starts with the same unforgettable horn stab that House of Pain used on their 1992 hit "Jump Around." The beat banger drops his concussive drums and sets the stage for an all-out lyrical assault.

Busta sets things off with his patented growl. "Oh my lord, lower the casket down/ Sprinkle the ash or get your a-- kicked, pow," he raps before turns his bravado up, bragging of his rhyme prowess for almost three minutes straight.

When Eminem finally takes over, he tosses the inspirational rap he's displayed on songs like "Monster" and "Not Afraid" and goes into full "8 Mile" battle mode.

"Who raps nasally, eyes hazely/ Rhymes crazily, but sounds like a anus," he spits in his tightly packed rhyme couplets before sending a shout to MTV's own Sway Calloway.

"Don't make me go take it back to the days of old/ Of Sway and Tech radio when I was taking so much no doze and LSD, I almost fell asleep on the Wake Up Show," he goes on.

Excuse us while we go listen again.