Max Or Gabe: Who's The Better Match For 'Carter'?

Both guys have romantic entanglements with the anti-heroine.

To put it lightly, family life has been no walk in the park for Carter Stevens. As far as romance is concerned, though, she's got potential happy endings to spare.

The teen, who's been struggling to adjust to life with a family she's only just met, got a small comfort from home (or...what she used to consider home) when her biological mother Elizabeth invited her boyfriend-turned-best pal Max to temporarily live with the Wilsons. Max assured Elizabeth that things had fizzled out between the former couple on last night's "Finding Carter" episode, but the cop is unconvinced something more isn't still brewing between them. Max is, after all, the only one of Carter's old friends who stuck around after the kidnapping bomb dropped.

Still, Carter can't help but be intrigued by Taylor's friend Gabe, who asked her out almost immediately after meeting her. She rejected him out of fear it would upset her newfound sister, but the kid is hell-bent on proving he's worthy of Carter's time. He's already done a ton to disrupt Elizabeth's plan to apprehend Carter's abductor Lori (the foam-finger prank is the stuff of legend!), and has become totally committed to reuniting Carter with the parent she knows and loves.

So, between these two potential suitors, who could you see being a good match for Carter?