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Becky G 'Can't Stop Dancing' On The Set Of Her New Music Video

The singer shared a few behind-the-scene photos from the shoot.

Becky G surprised the Beasters today by sharing some behind-the-scenes looks on the set of her "Can't Stop Dancing" music video.

In the first look, Becky is exiting her trailer in a pair of knee-high, patterned heels and bright, vibrant mini-skirt.

She quickly followed up with a flirty post on Seventeen magazine's account, assuring fan's that she's having a ball shooting the "Can't Stop" visuals.

Her flirty new single dropped just a few weeks ago on October 17 and her fans were loving it—but there's still a lot of anticipation for the accompanying video. The 17-year-old Inglewood native opted to set her rapping talents aside and show off some impressive vocal skills on the track.

Becky also released a lyric video for the single Tuesday (November 4), featuring a collection of the performer's concert footage.

From the looks of things though, this will soon be replaced by a full-blown video. We'll be waiting.