We Did NOT See Rihanna's Latest Fashion Collab Coming

Bitch Better Have My Socks

There are always rumblings of Rihanna's forthcoming involvements in the fashion industry. Some actually come to fruition, while others remain rumors until the world forgets about them. Others seem to come out of nowhere. In the case of Rihanna and the sock company Stance, this one's the real deal.



As the brand's contributing Creative Director for the line of limited edition socks, Rihanna's only releasing 1,500 pairs, each one labelled with their own number, 1-1,500. The designs range from over-the-knee to crew cut with a red, white, and black newspaper design, which is fitting for the line's moniker, "Murder Rih Wrote." Prices start at $26, which may seem steep for socks. But remember, these aren't just any socks; they're Rihanna socks.


Murder Rih Wrote product image 2

“I know a lot of people are probably saying ‘Why socks?’ And that’s really the beauty of it,” said the vice president of the women’s division of Stance Socks, Candy Harris, in an interview with Vogue. “And that’s why Rihanna’s perfect, because she’s constantly innovating and looking to see what’s next. Socks are not really a trend; they’re a fashion staple.”

As someone who hasn't worn socks in a minute, I may have to disagree. But since my personal mantra has always been "I'm buying whatever Rihanna's selling" I can get on board with this unusual collab.

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