The O'Tooles Are Investigating Billy's Death On 'Families Of The Mafia'

His loved ones get some answers courtesy of an autopsy report

On July 14, 2019, Families of the Mafia patriarch Billy O'Toole was found deceased in his Staten Island home. And when Season 2 returns, his family is mourning their loss as they visit his grave.

"He's gone -- he's really gone," his daughter Taylor states in the sneak peek, above, as Billy's loved ones gather around his final resting place.

And the entire family is banding together to launch an investigation as they grow suspicious that Billy's cause of death wasn’t suicide. How does a private investigator react when he is told about the cause of death being determined so quickly? And what is Jess' response when she is faced with her ex-husband's autopsy report? Watch the extended sneak peek clip featuring all of the Families of the Mafia, and do not miss the season premiere on Thursday at 9/8c.

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