Cringe Alert: These Are MTV's Most Awkward Moments

In honor of Awkward Moments Day, we're looking back at everything that made us wince

Every now and again, situations can become a bit awkward -- and through the years, MTV's programming has proven that for both the subject and the viewer. Nothing like a good old-fashioned, cringeworthy incident -- courtesy of your favorite network.

In honor of Awkward Moments Day (it's this Saturday!), we're obviously celebrating all things awkward (it's what you do!). From feuds and hookups to just plain WTF-is-happening-here, we've compiled the cream of the crop from our vaults. Enjoy the memories below -- and try not to plant your face in your palm.

Laguna Beach: Getting caught with an ex

Being a ladies' man can be juggling act -- just travel back to 2006 and ask then-LBHS senior Jason. When he was at his girlfriend LC's fashion show, he went off with his former lady Jessica and smooched her near some sample racks. Speak your mind, Lauren!

The Hills: "You know what you did!"

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It would have taken 138,901,030,981 knives to cut through the tension during the Season 3 Lauren/Heidi clash. But before the former Hillside Villas roomies exchanged words, the gals' mood at Frankie's birthday party was A-okay (because the Teen Vogue intern avoided her enemy).

The Challenge: You are not the winners


Eating crow isn't easy -- but the recent Invasion of the Champions competitor and his then-Rivals 2 partner prematurely celebrated their “Breaking on Through” victory even though they didn't obey the rules. (And even though the Real World alum was just ousted, keep watching brand-new eps of The Challenge every Tuesday at 9/8c!)

Teen Wolf: Unconventional eating habits


Can't help those werecoyote taste buds! Nonetheless, Stiles' and Sheriff Stilinski's reactions to the Beacon Hills student's preferred dinner was deliciously priceless.

Catfish: "Dating" a pop superstar

Specifically, Katy Perry. The most gullible victim in the series' history obviously wasn't speaking to the crooner, but it was mighty tough for Nev and Max (and everyone else) to convince him otherwise before the big reveal.

Scream: She's just not that into you

When Noah thought he was about to meet his maker at Lakewood's carnival, he told his very best friend Audrey that he had a few things to "confess" before he died. Among them: He kind of had a thing for her. Miss Jensen's squirm-worthy response? "I do love you, Noah -- just not like that."

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