Watch Kendrick Lamar's Heart-Filled 'i' Lyric Video

Love yourself.

Forget gang signs. Kendrick Lamar is getting people to throw up hearts with their hands.

The cover art for K. Dot's most recent single, "i," depicted two men -- one wearing red, the other in blue, symbolizing Bloods and Crips -- standing next to one another and making hearts with their hands. The chorus of the song repeats the refrain "I love myself." And love was again the message in the lyric video for the song, which dropped on Friday (October 10).

As the Compton native's upbeat lyrics scroll across the bottom of the screen, an array of images rotate to populate the main frame of the video: Mothers, children, teens; people in business attire, wearing bandannas, and rocking t-shirts -- really, all walks of life are represented. And they're all throwing hearts up.

The video is directed by Christian San Jose.

Though there's no official date for Kendrick's sophomore major label album, the rapper said he's aiming to drop it before the year is over.

“I’m hoping to push it out before 2015,” he said in an interview last month. “I’m gonna say that. I’m working hard in the studio.”

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